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Waterhouse Associates

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Our Story

Welcome to Waterhouse Associates Ltd, an accounting firm providing services to small and medium sized businesses.  Monthly Bookkeeping, VAT and Tax Returns and Planning, Subcontracting Services, Payroll, Forecasting and Advisory Services.
We use the latest online technology to make your accounting as efficient as possible.

Who We Are

We are small and committed to achieving the highest standards both in terms of the advice we offer and the customer service we deliver every day.We aim to work hard to build long-term partnerships with our customers. This leads to extremely high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, the only measure by which we judge ourselves.

Our Vision

To create a lasting relationship with our customers that builds confidence and trust in the work we provide.

About Us
What We Offer




Company Accounts

Fully reconcile your bank accounts.

Preparation & submission of Company Year-End Accounts.

Calculate Corporation Tax payable and advise you of the amount and date for payment.

Prepare final accounts, CT600 for HMRC and abbreviated accounts for Companies House where necessary.

Help you to understand the level of corporation tax due following dividends taken from your company.


Record P45 details, prepare and submit P46 if necessary.

Calculation of gross salary, tax, and NI amounts due to HMRC.

Payroll administration including, at no extra cost, Real Time Submission filings with HMRC.

Prepare end of year P60.

Manage overpayment and underpayment notices throughout the year.

Tax code enquiries

Personal Tax

Prepare and submit your personal tax

Send email or postal reminder to collect and submit your personal tax information.

Prepare and submit your personal tax returns.

Calculate any tax due together with payments on account.

Look at cost saving on account for the following year.


We will remind you when your Quarterly VAT Returns are due

VAT registration advice.

Quarterly VAT Calculations.

Completion of quarterly VAT Returns.

Review of spreadsheet for accuracy.

Advice with regards to whether you would benefit from the Flat Rate VAT Scheme.

Flat Rate VAT Scheme application if necessary.

Ongoing VAT advice.
Help with any under/overpayment.


We aim to help our clients with CIS tax refunds offer a faster and easier way to get your money back
from HMRC.

We can advise on further expenses for your tax return and minimise your tax liability.

Contractors are required to make CIS tax deductions from their subcontractors and pay this money to


When the subcontractor submits their CIS subcontractor tax return at the end of the tax year,
most or all of their tax has already been paid. The standard CIS tax deduction is 20%.


You may be entitled to a CIS tax refund



Deep Industry Knowledge

We are Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors, ACCA Quality Checked. Provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. We service subcontractors in the Construction
Industry Scheme, preparing and agreeing accounts, calculating and agreeing tax liabilities.

We are service providers of bookkeeping, tax, vat, and accounting to small and medium sized businesses.
In addition to supplying all the accounting services required to ensure Companies meet their statutory
responsibilities of filing year end accounts with Companies House and HMRC we also provide
Management accounting services including monthly or quarterly accounts and help
prepare budgets, cashflows and forecasts.

Years of Experience

Together we have over 45 years of working in Finance, dealing with Year End Accounting and working to
ensure that deadlines are being met in all area of Accounting

In-house Research Teams

We have our in house Research Team with direct access to HMRC and Companies House

Why Us



Our Address

809 Salisbury House
29 Finsbury Circus

Our Phone No.

020 8095 2000

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